Top Ten Reasons to Have Second Alliance on Your Team

Top Ten Reason No. 1

 Better recoveries and here’s why: We don’t just recover your money; we recover your student. A properly recovered student will: embrace self-reliance and fiscal responsibility, return to complete their degree, have a positive outlook on their experience and become a member of the alumni association.

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Top Ten Reason No. 2

We are dedicated to Campus-Based recovery needs.

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Top Ten Reason No. 3

We are more than a third-party collection agency. Second Alliance is a complete and natural extension of your receivables department. We address and support the spectrum of your expansive responsibilities encompassing student finance, repayment and delinquency.

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Top Ten Reason No. 4

Our unique CURE program is an optional preliminary service that presents a restorative opportunity to borrowers. The program objective is to assist borrowers to rehabilitate their delinquency and rescind long-term collection placement.

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Top Ten Reason No. 5

Industry training for you and your team; keeping your skills sharp, relevant and compliant. You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion after each training event and a copy of the presentations given to document your hours of continued learning.

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Top Ten Reason No. 6

Our monthly newsletter will keep you up to date with news and information about actions and proposals from Washington, the Department of Education, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, State Governments, IFAP, Dear Colleague letters, emerging legislation, litigation, campus trends and more.

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Top Ten Reason No. 7

Cruisin’ to Collections is our low or no-cost two and a half day annual conference that features a blend of Regulatory and Policy Compliance, Trending Issues, Collection Techniques, Campus Safety and Self-Wellness

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Top Ten Reason No. 8

Certificate programs – At the completion of any Second Alliance Webinar, Conference or Workshop training event you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Top Ten Reason No. 9

Executive level support and industry expert consultation is available to you always. Our top level management team features individuals who have experience working on a campus and sitting “in your chair” at a major university and all have at least 25-years of experience working as professional collectors in the Campus Based industry.

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Top Ten Reason No. 10

Online Account Access allows you instant access to your accounts. With ClientAccess™ you can watch the progress on your accounts with up-to-date information, 24-hour a day and all without phone calls or printed reports! Once logged in, you can view reports that include all listings or search for a specific borrower.

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