Free Trial of our CURE Program

To introduce you to Second Alliance and the difference we’ll make in your receivables we’re offering a no-risk trial of our unique CURE Program!

It’s simple. Refer up to 50 students and we’ll run them through our very successful CURE Program. Any students that CURE their obligation are returned at no cost. At the end of the program period all remaining uncured accounts can be returned without any cost or obligation.

Program Details

Our unique CURE program is an optional preliminary service that presents a restorative opportunity to borrowers. The program objective is to assist borrowers to rehabilitate their delinquency and rescind long-term collection placement.

This service includes:

  • Deep-skin skip-trace through four major database and social media resources
  • Up to five CURE letters to three addresses
  • Up to fifteen telephone attempts

Financial literacy education and tools for your borrower include:

  • Debt coaching unique to their current circumstances
  • Credit and collections education including repairing, building and maintaining credit
  • FICO score calculations
  • Budgeting worksheet
  • Access to one copy of a their credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

An account is considered to be CURED if the borrower brings the account current by paying the arrearages, obtains a forbearance or deferment which cover the past payments, pays the account in full or invokes another method or entitlement which removes their account from a delinquent status or from collection placement. There is no charge for accounts that are not successfully CURED.

CURE is available on all first placement campus-made loans and tuition accounts.

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