About Us


To be the premier source for campus-based receivables by providing services to schools and students that change the view and function of collections engagement from a business necessity to an academic essential.


To influence and impact the recovery of those entrusted in our care by using the wisest approach possible to achieve the greatest success with each and every student. To exercise integrity and maturity in every collection endeavor while employing the qualities required including strength, tolerance, leadership, knowledge, kindness, compassion, empathy, patience and concern. To encourage, support and partner with you and to always remember that it is our privilege to be a steward of your university. To applaud and respect our staff members; encouraging them to embrace growth both personally and professionally. To train and preserve those who exemplify our corporate philosophy through their interactions with clients and students.



To serve you, we believe our first and most important priority is to be in alignment with the missions and values of Your Institution.


To lead borrowers through the dilemmas of delinquency and back into alignment with their debt obligation. To build a rapport using patience and empathy and then offering guidance, wisdom, financial literacy and resources to make sound decisions that offer a best-interest solution for the student and school.


You can expect a visible and measurable difference in our relationship. Higher recovery rates, greater attention to your students, connectivity with higher management, training and industry insight are the reasons that your decision to use Second Alliance will reflect as an excellent one to your supervisors and school.