Welcome to Second Alliance

Dear Students,

Second Alliance is a collection agency and an extension of your school’s receivables department. We have provided content here that we hope is relevant and useful in financially related matters. If you have suggestions for information not listed we welcome your comments for the benefit of others.

If you’ve been referred to collections at Second Alliance we know you’re facing a financial dilemma. It may have been a misunderstanding or even a circumstance beyond your control. Whatever the reason I want you to know that we have genuine concern for you and are dedicated to your success. My team and I are here to assist you through your situation with support and tools to regain control of your financial future and to recover the original student/institution vision. Your school chose Second Alliance because they felt that we were the most qualified to help you. I invite you to take advantage of the tools, information and methods to communicate available here to begin restoration today.

Scott Holmquist