Student Borrower Testimonials

“Unlike other collection agencies, Second Alliance isn’t on the attack; instead, you were friendly and helped me figure out how to settle my account and clean up my credit. Thanks for your help!” – Jud

“Thank you so much for your understanding manner and helpful advice. I am resolving not to ignore difficult issues in the future.” – Tania

“Please find enclosed a check for $7500.00. I hope that this concludes our business, and would like to thank you for helping me bring this to a speedy end. May you have a very happy holiday season.” – Patricia R.

Chapman University

Contact: Rochelle Rodriguez
Enrollment: 3,897
Account Types: Federal Perkins

“Second Alliance was able to produce a 22% overall recovery in two short months on 2nd and 3rd placements. Not only did they accomplish great results on these older placements, they out collected the vendor working our first placements during the same period!”

University of California, Berkeley

Eric Anglim
Enrollment: 31,277
Account Types: Federal Perkins

“Agencies often offer ‘guarantees’… If you’re going to guarantee something, then REALLY guarantee it… Second Alliance did.”

Kansas City Art Institute

Kathy Krug
Enrollment: 550
Account Types: Federal Perkins, Tuition

“I wanted to let you know that our final default rate for 2002 came in at 5.49%, less than 40% of last year’s cohort rate. I have your fine team to thank for that great number and want you to know how much easier you made my year.”

Westmont College

Jim Reid
Enrollment: 1,335
Account Types: Federal Perkins, Tuition and Private loans

“With the collection of student debt, there comes the possibility of many problems. You and your team have been superior. As I look at the success of Second Alliance, I believe it is because you care and follow through. First, you care about Westmont College and our alumni. This quality is evident in the way you have treated our former students. Second, when you make an agreement or arrangement, you stay with it until it is completed. The success you have had with the old accounts I have given you is proof of the great job you are doing. I am happy to be partnering with Second Alliance”.